Snack Dummy CANVAS

Snack Dummy CANVAS

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This training snack dummy is the perfect tool for teaching your dog obedience, search and retrieval. Simply fill the pouch with treats and throw or hide the dummy. With zipper and padded interior.


All you need to do is simply unzip the inner pouch and fill it with treats. Let your dog to see it. Let him do some trick such as “sit” or “down” and reward him from the dummy. He should now understand the dummy is a magic box full of treats and he’ll get it when he does something well. 

Throw it a couple of feet from you, let your dog to go after it and bring it. If the dog is not going back, start running away from him a bit while calling him by his name and command him to come to you. The goal is your dog should follow you with the dummy inside his mouth. 

Once your four-legged friend has brought the dummy to you (and ideally placed it into your waiting hands), unzip it again to reveal a tasty prize for a job well done. Praise and pet him heartily and do it again. Just watch the amounts of treats he is getting.

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