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17.12.2018, Hunter

It's cold outside

Make your dog feel warm and comfy!

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17.2.2018, Hunter Pet Store

Bubbles & Paws - come and support...

There is no doubt that abandoned animals need help... These innocent beings deserve to have a nice home and be loved... Come join us and support a great event!

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10.1.2018, Hunter Pet Store

Curiosities from the Dog Empire

Have you ever thought about that dogs have their “fingerprints“ too? Do you know where they have their sweat glands? Or if they are really color blind? What kind of dog is the best swimmer? There are so many curiosities in the dog empire, let us present some of them...

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24.12.2017, Hunter Pet Store

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

HUNTER Pet Store wish you all a very Happy and Merry Howlidays!

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13.11.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Everything you wanted to know about the Dog Allergies

Even your cute pet can get allergy these days and it's extremely important to treat it right! How to recognize an allergy, what to do if your dog has an allergic reaction and what food and products should you choose? HUNTER Pet Store can help you...

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1.11.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Perfect gift for your best friend

Is the birthday of your doggie around the corner? We have a great tip for you...

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15.7.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

How to keep your dog busy: Toys for playing in the house

A bored dog can make a real inferno in your house. Chewed shoes, torn off wallpapers, strewed garbage can, that’s just a fragment of activities showing how a restless dog feels lonely at home tries to entertain himself. Here are a few hints how to catch your dog’s attention to some object which is predetermined for destruction.

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7.6.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Top Hunter products for traveling with pets

We all know it well - traveling or moving can be stressful even for us. And that counts double for our four-legged friends. Just Your Friend HUNTER offers everything you should have for your furry baby if you want to spend a great holiday without any issues and in a big style! Check out these must-have items you need for safe and comfortable travels with your pets.

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27.3.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Exchange Old for NEW!

Be part of our special store event, help abandoned dogs and get amazing discount straight away!

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23.3.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Walk for the Animals 2017

Fort Lauderdale celebrated our lovely pets in big style! Did you miss the Walk for the Animals on Saturday? Don't worry, we got you covered!

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16.3.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

The St. Pawtrick's Pet Day

How have you spent your St. Patrick's day?

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20.2.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend

Visit at Pet Expo 2017 at Pompano Citi Centre

Dog owners and pet enthusiasts gathered at the Pompano's Citi Center for annual Pet Expo and we couldn't miss it!

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15.1.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

How to choose a jacket for your dog

This winter is really weird; roads are freezing and snow is melting in turns, the outside temperature goes up and down. As a consequence of such unpredictable weather not only humans but also their pets may get sick very easily. Read about how to choose a jacket for your dog and protect him against an unpleasant chilling.

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14.12.2016, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Christmas is coming soon... Do you know what food is forbidden for dogs?

We know everybody wants to spoil the dog... but in this case less is more.

Some foods that are even considered healthy for humans can be downright toxic when they’re ingested by your dog. Others won’t be deadly, but can still cause some serious discomfort for your canine. The best thing is to stick with the dog food your veterinarian recommends for your pet, but it’s natural to want to give treats every now and then. That’s well and fine, as long as you avoid using these foods.

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13.11.2016, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Rituals of our dog friends

We all have our own ritual or habit, without which the universe would stop, if we did not do it. Somebody would never leave the house without his mobile phone, another person has to unplug the TV when leaving the house. Why do we do this? Simply just because we need to... Even dogs certainly have their own rituals, they could not live without.

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13.10.2016, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Bad smell from a dog’s mouth may be a sign of a health problem

Close contact with your dog, proving your mutual love, is very important. However, a bad smell from dog’s mouth is not a pleasant experience at all...

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3.8.2016, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Dog seat belt harnesses: Safety first!

Cannot he sit for a while or is he completely crazy while travelling by the car? It does not really matter. All dogs must have the safety seat belts fastened!

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7.7.2016, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Think of your dog during a tropical heat wave

None of us likes those hot summer days when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. We are tired, we do not like to eat and we are sweating a lot. Now, try to imagine you are wearing a fur coat. Take care of your dogs and be kind to them during a tropical heat wave.

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1.4.2016, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

5 rules how to train a dog

With the right training you will achieve the goal and your dog will become a companion, who you can trust and who will be accompanying your life with joy. We are bringing the basic rules to be observed during the training.

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1.3.2016, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

What does it mean to adopt a dog from a dog shelter?

Have you been thinking about getting a dog from a shelter? Would you like to give him the most valuable thing – a safe home? The adoption of a dog should not be underestimated, and therefore we have drafted some basic information for you.

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14.2.2016, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

5 reasons why you should want to be your own dog

Once in a while there are moments in a master’s life when he will wish for nothing else than to be his own dog. These are the moments when this idea most likely crosses your mind.

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14.12.2015, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

A new HUNTER branch has been opened in Miami

We are really happy to inform you that a new branch has been opened in Florida recently. To our American HUNTER – Just Your Friend team we wish all the best and many happy HUNTER fans.

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