Dog blog - Winter 2016

20.2.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend

Visit at Pet Expo 2017 at Pompano Citi Centre

Dog owners and pet enthusiasts gathered at the Pompano's Citi Center for annual Pet Expo and we couldn't miss it!

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15.1.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

How to choose a jacket for your dog

This winter is really weird; roads are freezing and snow is melting in turns, the outside temperature goes up and down. As a consequence of such unpredictable weather not only humans but also their pets may get sick very easily. Read about how to choose a jacket for your dog and protect him against an unpleasant chilling.

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14.12.2016, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Christmas is coming soon... Do you know what food is forbidden for dogs?

We know everybody wants to spoil the dog... but in this case less is more.

Some foods that are even considered healthy for humans can be downright toxic when they’re ingested by your dog. Others won’t be deadly, but can still cause some serious discomfort for your canine. The best thing is to stick with the dog food your veterinarian recommends for your pet, but it’s natural to want to give treats every now and then. That’s well and fine, as long as you avoid using these foods.

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