Dog blog - Summer 2017

15.7.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

How to keep your dog busy: Toys for playing in the house

A bored dog can make a real inferno in your house. Chewed shoes, torn off wallpapers, strewed garbage can, that’s just a fragment of activities showing how a restless dog feels lonely at home tries to entertain himself. Here are a few hints how to catch your dog’s attention to some object which is predetermined for destruction.

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7.6.2017, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

Top Hunter products for traveling with pets

We all know it well - traveling or moving can be stressful even for us. And that counts double for our four-legged friends. Just Your Friend HUNTER offers everything you should have for your furry baby if you want to spend a great holiday without any issues and in a big style! Check out these must-have items you need for safe and comfortable travels with your pets.

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