How to keep your dog busy: Toys for playing in the house

1.9.2018, Hunter - Just Your Friend...

A bored dog can make a real inferno in your house. Chewed shoes, torn off wallpapers, strewed garbage can, that’s just a fragment of activities showing how a restless dog feels lonely at home tries to entertain himself. Here are a few hints how to catch your dog’s attention to some object which is predetermined for destruction.

Plushy toy

Green monsters resembling cats, frogs or dogs are just made to be ripped of. Let your doggie decide if he will make his new toy a friend or an enemy to be destroyed.


Plushy toys



Skibby toy

Raccoons, foxes or skunks are made out of cotton, filled up with polyester and machine washable at 86°F. Your dog will be kept busy for hours and hours.




Canvas toy

Dogs, lions and hypos from the Canvas range are highly resistant even at extraordinary load - pulling, tugging, chewing and ripping up. The size is 11.8 inches.




Toys of our Facebook dog fans

Elizabeth sent us a photo of her little dog lady Miley with a Alligator, who she won at our contest. They say, that Miley is an expert on toy destruction, so let’s see how long Gator will survive:)




Bodie of Catherine smells a shipment addressed directly to her, forced her way right into the box and captured the monkey even with a tag :)





It is not easy to exhaust the hyper French bulldog Arnold of our great customer Tereza. But precisely made Tenis Bone is a safe bet!


Hunter Tenis Bone



Play and frolic, gnaw and rip up, frisk and go nuts.


With love,

Your Hunter <3