Recently, we have been quite busy with finishing our new web, opening the store in Bratislava, launching the cooperation with the organization “Ne množírnám” and helping dogs in dog shelters with our project PetBook.

New web

We spent a lot of time working on our new web and will be happy for any feedback. We believe the web is very clear but if you find any error please let us know. All comments will be incorporated as soon as possible.

Hunter store in Bratislava

Hunter expanded abroad! A new dog boutique Just Your Friend was opened in the department store Central in Bratislava (Metodova 6). A tape was cut and the dogs were present at the opening ceremony.


NE množírnám” (No to breeding spots)

We have become the general partner of the project “NE množírnám” fighting against cruelty to animals and inhuman practices of dog breeders breeding dogs for the purpose of profit only. The most endangered breeds are the most popular ones being in great demand, because a chance of profit is very high. Such ill-considered breeding results in always gravid and exhausted bitches and ill puppies. We highly recommend not supporting these breeders and kindly request to sign the petition. More information regarding which celebrities participated in the project and how to recognize a breeder you may find at the organization Facebook page.

 PetBook for the Christmas 2014

Our store at Újezd has been decorated with the photographs of dogs. All of these dogs with not always happy life stories live in dog shelters. There are two ways how to help them:

  • You do the shopping and get nothing; the item goes to a dog from the dog shelter. You may choose a particular dog.

  • 50 % from the price is donated to a dog shelter.


Dog shelters that are supported by your shopping:

  • XY, z. s.
  • OS Toulavé tlapky
  • Dog shelter at Kutná Hora.

The first shipment of presents has already left the store. Further support is expected by other dogs. Please help us to help.

We wish you a lot of love with your dogs and as much peace as possible during the pre-Christmas madness.

Your Hunter