In the following table we have put together basic information regarding a small selection of different dog breeds for you.

Valuable information regarding the typical characteristics, special challenges, average shoulder height and weight of the different breeds are presented here for your consideration if you wish to offer a dog a home.
Your dog needs a new collar, lead or, e.g., a new coat? Now you can quickly orientate yourself using the sizes presented here for the respective breed. To make completely certain, you should always measure the individual size (neck or belly circumference, back length, etc.).

Have lots of fun while discovering!

Afghan Hound

Weight 50 - 60 lbs
Neck circumfence: 15.7" - 20.5"
Height shoulder: 24.8" - 29.1"
Length of back: 23.6" - 25.6"

A somewhat self-willed breed, not suitable for every owner. These dogs need to run, and will not be satisfied with strolls on the leash. They love to race. Very dependent in the family, but usually rather reserved.

American Staffordshire

Weight 35 - 40 lbs
Neck circumfence: 19.7" - 23.6"
Height shoulder: 16.9" - 18.9"
Length of back: 15.7" - 17.7"

Dogs of this breed are courageous and domineering, but also true and loyal to their owners.



Weight 40 - 65 lbs
Neck circumfence: 16.5" - 19.7"
Height shoulder: 12.9" - 14.9"
Length of back: 23.6" - 28.5"

A quiet, self-confident breed, somewhat stubborn. This breed is unfortunately seen as a type of long lap dog. In contact with other dogs, they are fearless and powerful.

Bearded Collie

Weight 45 - 60 lbs
Neck circumfence: 16.5" - 19.9"
Height shoulder: 20.1" - 22.1"
Length of back: 19.7" - 21.6"

A happy, easily trained family pet, which loves to frolic with children. However, this breed requires a lot of affection, freedom of movement and long walks. The silky fur must be groomed daily.


Bernese Mountain Dog

Weight around 90 lbs
Neck circumfence: 19.7" - 21.6"
Height shoulder: 23.6" - 28.3"
Length of back: 25.5" - 29.5"

A reliable dog with a heart of gold. Easily trained as a working dog, and also an almost perfect family pet: even small children do not disturb these dogs of strong character.

Bull Terrier

Weight 45 - 65 lbs
Neck circumfence: 19.7" - 21.7"
Height shoulder: 15.7" - 21.7"
Length of back: 21.7" - 25.6"

Unfairly identified as an attack dog. This breed is loyal, dependant and child-friendly. However, they can be made to become a deadly weapon by criminal conditioning. With proper obedience training, they can be raised to be good family pets.



Weight 2 - 7 lbs
Neck circumfence: 9.8" - 12.6"
Height shoulder: up to 8.7"
Length of back: 7.9" - 11.8"

The smallest breed of dog in the world! However, when avoiding extreme miniaturisation in breeding, astonishingly compact and robust. An intelligent dog, eager and willing to learn. This breed’s need for exercise can also be satisfied in the apartment.


Weight up to 20 lbs
Neck circumfence: 11.8" - 15.7"
Height shoulder: 7.1" - 9.1"
Length of back: 11.8" - 17.7"

The dachshund belongs to one of the most valued and numerous pets overall, but is also kept as a hunter. These perky and somewhat thickheaded dogs will try to train their masters and mistresses with clever and amusing tricks.


German Longhair

Weight around 65 lbs
Neck circumfence: 15.7" - 19.7"
Height shoulder: 24.8" - 27.6"
Length of back: 25.6" - 27.5"

Because of their keen sense of smell, intelligence and eagerness to learn, these dogs are brilliant allaround hunting dogs. This breed is suited to the sporting type, who also likes to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Golden Retriever

Weight 60 - 80 lbs
Neck circumfence: 17.7" - 20.9"
Height shoulder: 20.1" - 24.1"
Length of back: 21.7" - 25.6"

Not only a golden coat, but a heart of gold as well. The ideal dog for children and families. Because of their friendliness and cleverness, also good hunting dogs which love the water.



Weight 55 - 90 lbs
Neck circumfence: 18.9" - 23.6"
Height shoulder: 22.8" - 27.5"
Length of back: 25.6" - 29.5"

One of the oldest German breeds. Has all of the positive characteristics of the German Shepherd, with a very pleasant personality. Can be easily trained for all purposes.

Irish Wolfhound

Weight 90 - 120 lbs
Neck circumfence: 21.6" - 25.6"
Height shoulder: 27.9" - 33.5"
Length of back: 15.7" - 33.5"

The largest breed in the world! If one can do without extreme size, still relatively robust. A peaceful, gentle yet self-confident dog. With a minimum of training, suitable as a family dog. Lots of exercise is an absolute must.



Weight variable
Neck circumfence: 13.8" - 15.7"
Height shoulder: 9.1" - 11.1"
Length of back: 11.8" - 13.8"

These dogs were quite in style in the 1920’s, with their beautiful bushy tails and thick and luxuriant coats. An ideal guard dog, that shows no mercy when barking at strangers. An intelligent dog, eager to learn, that needs a lot of human affection and attention.


Weight 110 - 155 lbs
Neck circumfence: 21.6" - 25.6"
Height shoulder: 25.6" - 31.5"
Length of back: 27.5" - 33.5"

This race, resembling the lion in appearance, is lively, loyal, and reliable and loves children. Does not need a lot of exercise. Because of their cleverness, they can be trained as working dogs.



Weight 7 - 9 lbs
Neck circumfence: 11.8" - 13.8"
Height shoulder: 7.8" - 9.8"
Length of back: 11.8" - 14.9"

As long ago as 2000 years, this dog was bred especially for ladies. Lively, happy, playful and vivacious. These dogs have a long life expectancy when they receive regular care and lots of love and affection.

Münsterländer (Small)

Weight 45 - 55 lbs
Neck circumfence: 17.7" - 19.7"
Height shoulder: 19.7" - 23.6"
Length of back: 17.7" - 21.6"

A true and gentle soul, that always wishes to be kept busy. Due to their extreme cleverness, can be well trained for hunting. The great need for exercise and freedom of movement can lead to problems when kept indoors.



Weight 110 - 145 lbs
Neck circumfence: 21.6" - 25.6"
Height shoulder: 24.4" - 29.5"
Length of back: 25.6" - 29.5"

Sense of humour, gentle disposition, uncomplicated, dependent and obedient are the adjectives best describing the Newfoundlander breed. They are friendly to people and animals, love to swim and are good at it, not particularly alert, but very robust because of their thick coats.

Scottish Terrier

Weight 20 - 25 lbs
Neck circumfence: 13.8" - 17.7"
Height shoulder: 9.8" - 11.1"
Length of back: 15.7" - 17.7"

Dog of the Year 1994! Typical terrier, although relatively easy to raise. Basically a hunting dog, that also has a right to take its place as an ideal family and apartment dog. Sensible, vivacious and very clever.


Shih Tzu

Weight 10 - 20 lbs
Neck circumfence: 13.8" - 16.5"
Height shoulder: 9.8" - 10.6"
Length of back: 15.7" - 17.7"

This dog appears arrogant and self-confident, but is indeed playful and good-natured. Not considering the great deal of care and attention required, this breed is an uncomplicated and child-friendly family dog.

Staffordshire Bullterrier

Weight 25 - 40 lbs
Neck circumfence: 17.7" - 23.6"
Height shoulder: 13.8" - 15.7"
Length of back: 16.5" - 18.9"

A strong character and chiefly people-friendly. This dog can be twisted into a fearsome attack dog, after criminal conditioning. Proper training makes a comfortable companion of this breed.



Weight 20 - 35 lbs
Neck circumfence: 15.7" - 17.7"
Height shoulder: 17.5" - 18.5"
Length of back: 15.7" - 17.7"

A real racing dog, that requires a great deal of exercise and movement. Very dependent, sensitive, but also hearty. The whippet is child-friendly and vivacious. Good as a family dog.

Yorkshire Terrier

Weight 3 - 7 lbs
Neck circumfence: 9.8" - 11.8"
Height shoulder: up to 8.7"
Length of back: 9.8" - 11.8"

The smallest breed of terrier, but with all the terrier characteristics such as self-confidence, intelligence, eager to learn and cheerful. Does not want to be treated as a lap dog but as a real full-value dog.


Airedale Terrier

Weight 45 - 55 lbs
Neck circumfence: 18.9" - 21.6"
Height shoulder: 22.1" - 24.1"
Length of back: 18.9" - 21.6"

The largest but most uncomplicated terrier. This breed can be a useful working animal, but also a good family pet. Terriers need a lot of exercise, but are otherwise undemanding. This breed is suitable even for first-time dog owners.


Weight 75 - 100 lbs
Neck circumfence: 17.7" - 21.6"
Height shoulder: 25.6" - 32.3"
Length of back: 26.3" - 33.1"

Borzois were once used for hounding wolves! An extremely elegant breed, these dogs lose their reserve and coolness the moment they are allowed to run as long and as quickly as they like. When they get sufficient exercise, they can fit well into the family.



Weight 22 - 40 lbs
Neck circumfence: 15.7" - 17.7"
Height shoulder: 12.9" - 16.1"
Length of back: 16.5" - 18.9"

This breed has a sad reputation as a research animal. By nature, tends to be a good hunter (running in the pack). These are also good family dogs, because of their good-tempered, clever and happy characteristics.

Berger de Brie

Weight 45 - 65 lbs
Neck circumfence: 17.7" - 21.6"
Height shoulder: 22.1" - 26.7"
Length of back: 25.6" - 29.5"

This typical shepherd’s helper is more and more often to be found in the household, due to his / her alertness, trusting nature and quickness and eagerness to learn. It is no rarity to find these dogs performing as the star of the circus.


St. Bernhard

Weight 150 - 190 lbs
Neck circumfence: 23.6" - 27.6"
Height shoulder: 27.6" - 31.5"
Length of back: 27.6" - 31.5"

The typically peaceful and thoughtful utility dog. No dog for beginners, as this breed must be well trained and carefully fed. Their claim to fame is their impressive appearance as well as their bravery and courage.

Cairn Terrier

Weight 13 - 17 lbs
Neck circumfence: 14.5" - 16.5"
Height shoulder: 10.2" - 12.2"
Length of back: 15.7" - 16.5"

A typical terrier, not a lap dog, and not a toy. Good with children. Intelligent, lively, self-confident and fearless. Can also be trained for the hunt. Tends to be cheeky when improperly raised.



Weight 45 - 60 lbs
Neck circumfence: 23.5" - 25.6"
Height shoulder: 17.7" - 19.7"
Length of back: 17.7" - 19.7"

A particularly regal bearing distinguishes this breed, which usually prefers only one master or mistress. These dogs have strong nerves, do not startle easily, and make good watchdogs.


Weight 40 - 65 lbs
Neck circumfence: 15.7" - 17.7"
Height shoulder: 20.1" - 24.1"
Length of back: 19.7" - 23.6"

Not to be mistaken for Lassie! Independent of its unattainable Hollywood image, however, the collie is a clever, alert and eager learner. Fits well into the family and needs a lot of affection and attention.



Weight 50 - 70 lbs
Neck circumfence: 15.7" - 19.7"
Height shoulder: 19.7" - 24.1"
Length of back: 25.6" - 29.5"

An elegant and clever dog, often degraded to being put on display due to its beautiful and unusual appearance. This breed can be well trained, and has all the characteristics of a good utility dog.

German Shepherd

Weight 70 - 85 lbs
Neck circumfence: 19.7" - 27.6"
Height shoulder: 21.6" - 25.6"
Length of back: 25.6" - 29.5"

The most common large German breed. In spite of their uniformity of appearance, these dogs can present a wide variety of dog personalities. In the ideal case, a very clever and reliable companion with strong nerves, displaying superior characteristics as a working dog.


Fox Terrier

Weight 15 - 20 lbs
Neck circumfence: 15.7" - 17.7"
Height shoulder: 14.1" - 14.9"
Length of back: 14.9" - 17.7"

This classic terrier breed incorporates all the attractive characteristics of this beloved species. Fox Terriers can be trained for the hunt as well as making good family pets. However, thorough training is necessary.


Weight 55 - 75 lbs
Neck circumfence: 17.7" - 19.7"
Height shoulder: 26.8" - 29.1"
Length of back: 23.6" - 27.5"

The typical racing dog, with the highest level of performance in this area. If one satisfies this animal’s incredible need for running and exercise, he or she can become a happy-go-lucky and dependent family dog with a minimum of training as well.


Irish Red Setter

Weight 55 - 65 lbs
Neck circumfence: 15.7" - 17.7"
Height shoulder: 24.1" - 26.7"
Length of back: 25.6" - 29.5"

An incredibly gentle and polite dog. This breeds clever nature allow them to be easily trained, but they cannot stand a harsh word or tone of voice. A happy companion that loves to run, can also be trained as a hunting dog.

Labrador Retriever

Weight 60 - 80 lbs
Neck circumfence: 19.7" - 21.6"
Height shoulder: 21.2" - 22.4"
Length of back: 21.6" - 23.6"

An intelligent dog distinguished by its well-natured character. A typical working dog, used in hunting, tracking, rescue missions and as seeing-eye dogs, this breed is also a good member of the family. They love water.


Lhasa Apso

Weight 10 - 15 lbs
Neck circumfence: 13.7" - 17.7"
Height shoulder: 9.4" - 11.1"
Length of back: 13.7" - 16.5"

A friendly breed with a strong sense of self-confidence. Extraordinarily alert and mistrustful of strangers. The lush fur needs a lot of care and attention. The Lhasa Apso needs a lot of attention in order not to become sullen or surly.


Weight 165 - 220 lbs
Neck circumfence: 25.6" - 31.5"
Height shoulder: around 31.5"
Length of back: 27.5" - 33.5"

The heaviest race of dog. The mastiff shows its best side when its weight is kept moderate does not approach the highest limit allowable! Good-natured and dependent in the family, their effect on strangers is only frightening because of their massive size.


Münsterländer (Large)

Weight 55 - 65 lbs
Neck circumfence: 19.7" - 21.6"
Height shoulder: 22.8" - 25.6"
Length of back: 21.6" - 25.6"

In addition to being an excellent hunting dog, the large Münsterländer also makes a good pet, when he / she gets enough exercise and freedom of movement. This breed is basically friendly to all, but is an excellent guard dog in an emergency.


Weight 7 - 13 lbs
Neck circumfence: 11.8" - 13.7"
Height shoulder: 5.9" - 9.8"
Length of back: 13.8" - 15.7"

Ancient Chinese race, which served in the emperor’s palace as a lion substitute! Proud, regal and very alert, they love small children. The Pekingese is not spoiled or pampered, but does requires lots of care and attention.


Shelti (Shetl. Sheepdog)

Weight 15 - 18 lbs
Neck circumfence: 15.7" - 17.7"
Height shoulder: 12.1" - 13.8"
Length of back: 16.5" - 18.9"

This small version of the collie is a very dependent family dog. This breed needs lots of exercise, is lively and intelligent. In spite of the relatively long fur, care and upkeep are simple.

Siberian Husky

Weight 45 - 55 lbs
Neck circumfence: 17.7" - 19.7"
Height shoulder: 20.1" - 23.6"
Length of back: 23.6" - 27.5"

A friendly pack dog, which should not be raised alone. Not a guard dog, not aggressive towards people. The husky wants to work, and is therefore suited as a sled dog.


West Highland Terrier

Weight 15 - 20 lbs
Neck circumfence: 13.8" - 15.7"
Height shoulder: around 11"
Length of back: 14.5" - 16.5"

Actually a white Cairn terrier. Has the same characteristics, is however incorrectly considered to be a lap dog. West Highlands were unfortunately fashionable for a time, but have survived this affliction quite well.

Wolf Spitz

Weight 40 - 60 lbs
Neck circumfence: 17.7" - 21.6"
Height shoulder: 17.7" - 21.6"
Length of back: 17.7" - 19.7"

Especially loyal and dependent on the family, but mistrustful of strangers. A watchdog who cannot be bribed; however, this breed loves to bark, which can be a nuisance.


Miniature Pomeranian

Weight around 7 lbs
Neck circumfence: 9.8" - 13.7"
Height shoulder: 8.6" - 10.2"
Length of back: 12.5" - 14.9"

The smallest breed of Pomeranian, but not a toy. Guards house and owner devotedly. Loves to bark, which can be a nuisance is some areas. Loves to walk and run, but needs little space.