Dog seat belt harnesses: Safety First!

Cannot he sit for a while or is he completely crazy while traveling by the car? It does not really matter. All dogs must have the safety seat belts fastened!

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For a daily and holiday rides

Special safety dog seat belt is completely necessary for every responsible dog lover who travels by car with his dog, whether regularly or occasionally. First of all, you strongly risk you get a ticket, when the police stops you with an unsecured dog sitting at the back seats of your car. But no fastening of your dog may have the fatal consequences too!

You would not drive your car without fastening your seat belt, so why to put your darling to such a risky situation? Animals on board are even determined to be the reason of car accidents in many cases. 

What will happen at the crash

During the crash test performed by the German auto-club ADAC, at the speed of 32 miles/hour, the 48.5lbs dog's figurine fell down to the backrest of the driver’s seat by quintuple of its weight. In this case, the real dog would be immediately dead and even the master would have a huge problems to deal with the strike of the weight with the equivalent of 1100 lbs.

The ideal solution, how to ensure safety in the car for you and your dog as well, is a safety harness.

Drive carefully and pay attention even during a short distance driving!


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