Everything You Wanted to Know About the Dog Allergies

Even your cute pet can get allergy these days and it's extremely important to treat it right! How to recognize an allergy, what to do if your dog has an allergic reaction and what food and products should you choose? HUNTER Pet Store can help you...

Three very common allergies in dogs include flea allergyfood allergies and environmental allergies. Treating your dog's symptoms is only a temporary fix. It's extremely important to find the root cause of an allergic reaction. Tips to relieve the suffering of your allergic dog.

If your dog seems to have an allergic condition, it's important to get an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as you can. We do not recommend your pet should be started right away on a regime of anti-allergy drugs and antibiotics and anti-viral medications. There are safer ways to relieve your dog's symptoms than pharmaceuticals while you and your vet work to discover the root cause of the allergic reaction. Relieving symptoms without addressing the source of the problem is a short term fix to what can become a lifelong health problem. 

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1) Flea allergy dermatitis

Flea allergy and skin irration is not the actual bite of the flea, but it'saliva. It's important to wash your dog often to kill the fleas and bacterias and to prevent this kind of allergy. Pick a shampoo from our HUNTER Collection (https://justyourfriend.com/en/for-dogs/care-and-hygiene-products-for-dog) for the best results. Clean animals aren't as attractive to fleas.

2) Food allergies

If your dog has an allergy to something he's eating, it may show itself not only as digestive upset (gas, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.), but also as one or several of these symptoms - itchy skin, coughing or sneezing, red and irritated eyes, swollen paws or inflamed ears. Your pet can be allergic in the ingredients as beef, corn, wheat, soy, eggs and/or milk (the most common antigens for dogs). Take a test at your vet to recognize the food your pight might be allergic to. Contact our store and we will help you with choosing the best food for your pet. We are shipping all over the U.S.A now and selling only organic and high quality dog food.

3) Enviromental allergies

Pets can be very sensitive to it's enviroment. Here are few tips and your pet will feel much better: 

Clean up your pet's indoor air environment. Don't allow smoking around your pet. Switch to non-toxic cleaning products Consider investing in an air purifier to control dust mites. Make sure your dog's drinking water is high quality and doesn't contain fluoride, heavy metals or other contaminants. Don't allow your dog to be over-vaccinated or over medicated. Vaccines mess up your pet's immune system – too many vaccinations can send it into overdrive. An over-reactive immune system sets the stage for allergic conditions.

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