How to celebrate NYE with a dog?

Dec 28, 2020



New Year’s Eve is a time for celebrating the close of another year and the end of our holiday festivities.

This year was different in many ways and it is going to be different also on its last day. You’ll be probably enjoying a night at home, maybe hosting a little family event and since your dog is part of the family, you’ll probably want to include her or him in your celebration too.

Take these simple steps to keep your dog safe and happy.

​1) Food and drinks. With all of the festive food and drinks available on New Year’s Eve, you (or your guests) may want to share some with your dog. However, celebratory food often has ingredients that aren’t safe for dogs, which can cause digestive upset, poisoning, or other serious health problems. In addition to treats made specifically for dogs, you can stick to whole, fresh foods like carrots, canned pumpkin, or boneless, skinless (and unseasoned) chicken. And keep them away from alcoholic beverages!

2) Decorations. Streamers, balloons, and ribbons are commonly used for New Year’s Eve decorating. Be careful to keep these decorations out of reach of your dog, as they can cause problems like digestive obstruction, which could leave you ringing in the New Year at the animal ER. The loud noise associated with popping a balloon can also frighten your dog and may cause noise aversion.

3) Doorbells and people. When the doorbell rings or someone knocks on your dog, does your dog run and bark in excitement or nervousness? With people coming and going through the front door, you don’t want your dog to run off. Keep them in a room away from the door to make sure they stay safe inside.

4) Loud music. Loud music and the celebrating that accompanies it can be stressful for your dog. If they aren’t used to it, make sure your dog has a quiet place to retreat to, away from the music and people.

5) Fireworks. Loud pops and flashes of light can be scary for your dog, especially if you’re not home. If you’re planning to spend New Year’s Eve away from your home, create a comfortable space away from doors and windows where your dog can relax. If you’re planning on staying home, you can mask the noise of fireworks with some white noise or maybe even an action movie. If you know your dog is scared of fireworks or other loud noises, it’s a good idea to chat with your veterinarian about a medication to help provide them with more immediate relief from their noise aversion symptoms.

Not all dogs are party animals and a little preparation never killed nobody, so let’s make sure your dog has a fun, safe, and happy New Year.

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