Enjoy the Valentine’s Day with your dog

Feb 13, 2022

 Is your #1 Valentine furry, has four legs and gives sloppy kisses?

Yes? That's awesome! After all, when it comes to the topic of unconditional love, who better to celebrate than the dog who greets you with excitement and a wagging tail every time you come home, even if you were away for only a few minutes to grab the mail...



Check out this list of fun Valentine’s Day activities, give your dog some extra love and attention and create a memory you’ll always remember.

1. Arrange a play date

Your pup certainly loves playing with you, but they also enjoy playing with their other furry friends. A dog play date is one of the best ways for both of you how to spend some time outside together and have fun - you, talking to the other humans, and your dog playing with his best buddies.

2. Get your dog some Valentine’s toys

There isn’t a dog in the world that doesn’t love chew toys. This Valentine’s Day, treat your pooch with new ones. To spice things up a bit, give him toys with hearts and love quotes.

Be sure to wrap them and make opening them a huge deal so that your furry little friend gets very excited. Once the gifts are out, take the time to play with your dog and introduce the toy. They will love you for it even more!

3. Have a themed photoshoot

You undoubtedly take a lot of selfies with your dog. Who doesn’t? But have you ever had a professional photo-shoot with your dog?

How about a Valentine’s Day dog photo-shoot? You can create the most adorable photos that you will have for a lifetime. Find some fun props, dress in matching red outfits, and take the cutest pictures that will scream your love for one another.

4. Give your dog a massage

Who doesn’t like a relaxing massage, right? Dogs are no exception. Now, you certainly pet your dog all the time, but have you ever given them a real dog massage?

There are actually some massage techniques developed specifically for canines, so do a bit of research to learn how to help your pup relax.

5. Make a Valentine’s Day dog goodie box

Simply get your pup’s favorite treats, some fun toys, new Valentine’s dog collars, and anything else that your dog will fall in love with.

All of these ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your dog will strengthen the bond between the two of you and make your pooch incredibly happy.

Use them as inspiration and have a very happy Valentine’s Day!

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