How to stress less during holidays?

Dec 15, 2019


The holidays may look different this year, but you might still be having small family get-togethers.

Having company over is always fun, but you should consider that all those noises, loud music or too many friends around can stress out your pets as they get overstimulated from new people or new environment.

Here are 3 tips how you can help them stay calm:

1) CREATE A SAFE SPACE - Having a place in your home where your pet feels safe and comfortable is incredibly important, especially around the holidays. Make sure they know where they can go to avoid stressful situations if needed. For most pets, this is a bed or a crate that they access to 24/7.

2) TREATS AS A REWARD & DISTRACTION - you cannot be wrong when you spoil your pets. If you’re about to have a dinner or need to calm them down a bit, give your four-legged friends something to eat as well or if it’s not time for a meal yet, you can use a simple snack as bully stick or their favorite chew to take it to their bed.

3) BRIEF YOUR GUESTS - It’s important that your guests are aware of your dogs potential stressors and food allergies. When your guests arrive, give them a few boundaries on petting your animals, feeding them, and even trying to play with them. Especially when it comes to kids. Some pets need time to warm up to unfamiliar faces and there’s nothing wrong with that!


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