How to throw a dog B-Day pawty in 8 steps

Aug 11, 2019

Don't be nervous, simply follow our tips and let the party begin...

Pets are considered as members of the family. Do you feel the same way?

So why not throw an amazing birthday party for your four-legged friend?

Make another excuse to celebrate and have fun!

These 8 steps will definitely help you to do things easier and let you enjoy that great time with your best friend as much as you can:

1) Choose the right place

Pick a safe and not too crowdy place, a location that your dog already knows and where your dog feels comfortable. If you expect more dogs than just yours, we recommend you choose an outdoor place. It could be your favorite dog park in your location, or you can rent some other pet-friendly place. If the weather forecast doesn’t look nice, you can always stay at your house or apartment. In this case, regulate the amounts of furry friends properly.

2) Pick a nice present

Of course, your doggie would appreciate almost anything; a little cookie, chewy bone or colorful squeaky toy – this would be always a good idea. But you are giving him these little treats during the whole year without any reason, so let the dog feel a little bit more special. Prepare a birthday cake suitable for animals, change his bed for a new one, buy something he really likes, but not getting that often. Simply, give him your full attention!

Save some time and energy for other planning and order online. We’ll be there if you’d need something cute. Visit us at

3) Decide on the date

Weekends are the best to party. Everybody’s off work, relaxed at home. It should be a day close to your doggie’s birthday and schedule it after lunch or at early evening, after your usual afternoon walk. Check with his furry friends in advance if they are available. We want this event to be a success, right?

4) Make a guest-list

It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be a party for thirty people or a small gathering just for your closest friends, but it’s always better to have the guest-list covered. Be sure you know if they are taking their dogs with them and adjust the party to that as well. They should know each other from before, so they all feel comfy and would not pick up a fight over anything.

5) Plan a theme

Avengers, Star Wars, Minions or another movie? Or just one-colored party – e.g. “White party” was a hit last year. You can decorate the whole house, apartment or just a few tables at the park. All depends on your location. There is a lot of themes out there you can choose from, so don’t be shy!

6) Invitations

Not a difficult thing either. Almost everyone has a social media account these days, so take advantage of it. Create a private Facebook event and invite your friends. You can easily control the guest list, be in touch with all attendees and give them an update at any time.

You can also prepare amazing invitations with an app like PaperlessPost or if you want to be even more original, handwritten invitations are always heartwarming and more personal.

7) Cook or buy delicious food, snacks & drinks for all guests (two- and four-legged)

Be very well-aware of food that could be toxic for dogs before purchasing any (e.g. chocolate, avocado, grapes or dairy…) Avoid ingredients which your dog is allergic to. Ask your guests as well, if necessary.

HUNTER Pet Store can offer a lot of natural snacks and treats for dogs, bully sticks, bones, antlers, beautiful dog cookies and much more. Stop by at our store at Galleria Mall, Fort Lauderdale and check them all out. It would be nice if each one of dogs get some of those as a surprise and while they will be all chewing quietly, you won’t even notice that you are throwing a party for wild barking creatures.

Don’t forget to keep the dogs (and your guests) well hydrated too! Especially in the summer.

What would be the best food choice for your human friends? Keep it simple! Make delicious barbecue and burgers, add a bit of veggies, and as a sweet cherry on the top – a chocolate fountain with juicy fruit? Who could possibly say no to that… NOM, NOM!

8) Entertainment

Music shouldn’t be too loud because as you know dog ears are super sensitive to any sound, so please keep the volume down. Prepare a lot of toys to keep dogs fully entertained. If the location is outside and you know it’s going to be hot weather, plan some water games for them as well. You could also hire a professional dog walker or dog-sitter to provide all dogs a fun companion.

Last Tip: Ask somebody to take pictures and record videos during the party. You want to keep these memories forever!


With love,

your HUNTER Pet Store

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