HUNTER doubles the flowering meadow in front of the door

May 14, 2024

Making the world a livable and lovable place for people and animals – this is the vision that the HUNTER family business is committed to. Some of the smallest but most important creatures are not forgotten: insects. HUNTER has doubled the size of the flowering meadow at the company headquarters in Bielefeld - in the future, insects will be able to help themselves to a 19,375 square feet flower buffet. Right next door, two beehives and a wild area provide shelter for bees, bumblebees and other insects. The flowering meadow is just one of many environmental protection measures that HUNTER has implemented in recent years.

For us, sustainability is not a fixed goal, but rather the ongoing responsibility to look for better solutions and new, environmentally friendly ways. "If it can be done better, then we will do it better,” says Nadine Trautwein, Managing Director of HUNTER. And there was still room for improvement in the areas around the company premises. That's why the family business is transforming it step by step into an insect paradise.

At the beginning there was the nearly 11,000 square feet area, which has been left to grow wild since 2016. There is hardly an insect protection measure that is easier to implement. And there is always space on the HUNTER site: there is an approximately 139,930 square feet green area adjacent to the leather factory, shop and office space. This is particularly popular with employees and their four-legged friends during their lunch break. At the same time, an initial 328 feet long flower strip was created, which not only provides insects with a habitat but also food. HUNTER gradually enlarged this flowering meadow. This year the family business has doubled the area again - now there are 19,375 square feet where everything is blooming, thriving and humming.

1 19,375 square feet of flowering meadow and sponsorship for bees

In collaboration with a Bielefeld beekeeper, two bee colonies moved into the HUNTER company premises in spring 2022 - regional HUNTER flower honey has now been produced for the second year, which many of the company's employees, partners and customers are already looking forward to. In addition, HUNTER also works with the Feldwerk organization, through which the animal supplies manufacturer has taken over a flowering meadow sponsorship of 8,611 square feet in the East Westphalia-Lippe area in addition to its own flowering meadow.

A little better every year

Both sponsorship and our own wild growth areas are just one of many measures that HUNTER has implemented in recent years. Further steps towards sustainability included, for example, expanding the range to include upcycled toys, expanding the electric fleet, expanding HUNTER's own photovoltaic system and climate-neutral printing and shipping of the catalogs. In April 2022, the family business joined the IHK Lippe’s regional climate initiative “CO2-neutral by 2030”. This gave HUNTER additional motivation to tackle sustainability measures even more specifically and quickly.

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