Good dog park behavior rules

Mar 7, 2021


If you live in the city and have a four-legged friend, you have certainly done your homework and picked a few dog parks in your area. It's a great way to get the dog tired, socialize him and give him a little freedom in a busy environment. Each dog park has its written and unwritten rules to ensure the safety of dogs and their owners. So how to behave and not to disturb other visitors and avoid unnecessary conflicts?


Before entering the park, make sure your furry friend has all mandatory vaccination. This includes vaccination against canine distemper, parvovirus, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and rabies. Also, your dog should not bring uninvited visitors with him - fleas and other parasites are definitely not welcome in the park.


It is clear to us that being calm and quiet will not be easy for furry enthusiasts who can't wait to have fun with their friends. But give it time and teach your dog to enter the park in peace and without fuss. You won't unnecessarily attract the attention of other dogs and their owners; and you will let yours properly join the team.


Unclip the dog from the leash before he starts playing with the others. Why? Dogs on a leash are "less legible" for those that are running loose already and are also an easier target. Without a leash, they have the opportunity to express their body language more, avoid unwanted interactions or move away from a dog with which they do not want to come into contact. This will prevent unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.


We probably don't have to remind you that bringing a dog in heat to the park is not a good idea. Not only can it happen that your "only-1-dog" pack can add up a few more hungry heads in a couple of weeks, but also, all the males can fight to win a heart of such an irresistible young lady. Watch your girl carefully in that period of time and walk her around the neighborhood only.


It is basically all about picking up your dog's poop. It may seems to be a completely natural rule, but there is always someone who does not follow it, or doesn't care much etc. For those people you can point it out when they're present and hopefully next time, they'll know better what to do. We just wanted to say: it's always good to keep an eye on your dog while he is running around freely and does not pay attention to anything but his furry friends. You can then catch "his moment" easily and avoid leaving an unwanted present on the ground for others.



Before visiting a dog park, always carefully consider whether to take small children with you. Your pup already knows his family pack well, but this does not apply to other four-legged visitors. Your kids are strangers to them, plus, young kids in general don't really know how to behave around dogs. Don't let your children play with dogs you don't know and stay with them away from the area all dogs play the most. By that you will avoid incidents where a dog inadvertently hits a child in the heat of the dog's game etc.


If you know your dog has a favorite toy or toys, definitely do not take these with you to the dog park. It is likely that other dogs would want to play with them too and your doggie ​​would not like it.


Don't get distracted by anything in the park and constantly watch your dog. Don't look at the phone and keep an eye on him when interacting with other dogs. In short, never leave your dog unattended. It's worth it!

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