New Year's Resolution Ideas for all dog owners

Jan 9, 2022

The New Year's resolutions have been usually all about sporting, diets and new hobbies. Nowadays we can see a bit of a change and including a pet in those resolutions is more and more common. Therefore we wanted to bring up several resolution ideas, thanks to which the year 2022 will surely be marked by cheerful barking and tail wagging of your dog.

People usually start the new year with balancing. If you do too, you could probably say that although you only want the best for your dog, there have certainly been times throughout the last year when you were not the perfect example of a pet owner. Maybe you kind of overlooked your four-legged friend when you came home from work super tired, or you shortened the walk from time to time or didn't meet a lot with other dog owners from neighborhood. That is why we believe that every one of us can come up with at least one novelty that can help to get a better score in taking care of your dog. Here are a few ours.

Did anyone say that vacationing is only for people? We didn't think so! You can find countless hotels and guesthouses that are dog friendly, so there is nothing left but to pack the dog's backpack and go on an unconventional trip together. 

We all want our dogs to stay vital and bright even in an old age. That's why it's good to get your four-legged friend a dog puzzle toy. If you don't want to buy a dog puzzle, you can make it from things you already have at home. Create such a toy by placing treats in an ordinary blanket, and then roll it together. Your doggie will surely reveal soon that he will get the treats only when he unrolls the blanket.

Did you write down, as your New Year's resolution, that you want to learn a new foreign language? Skip Spanish, French or Chinese this time, and rather learn the language you will actually communicate in on a daily basis. Yes, we meant your dog's language! The good news is that these lessons are free and your teacher will be no one else but your pet. You can also get a bit of a help and buy a book about it, so you can read it first and then apply it in a real life.

One of the most important tasks of every dog ​​lover is to ensure the safety of his best friend. But it's not just about feeding the dog regularly, embracing him with love and always protecting him. We should not forget about the environment where the dog lives. Try to clean or wash regularly your dog's bed or blanket, his feeding bowls or favorite toys. It also doesn't hurt to do a check up of the toys and throw away all the shredded ones etc.


There are countless ways how to support and help dogs. Either you help your older friends to walk their dog when they can't, or if you make donations to your local shelters or even if you go volunteering to a pet event. Every single help counts. Choose whatever is closest to your heart.

Have a healthy and safe year 2022!

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