Every day rituals of our four-legged friends

Aug 21, 2016

We all have our own ritual or habit, without which the universe would stop, if we did not do it. Somebody would never leave the house without a smartphone, another person has to unplug the TV every time when leaving the house. Why do we do this? Simply, just because we need to... Even dogs have their own rituals they cannot live without.

We have chosen the most common dog rituals and habits you can expect to see from your four-legged friend.

Making the bed

Dogs love to burrow. You have certainly noticed that dogs prepare their beds before they're going to lay down in it. They would burrow in the bed, at the doghouse, under their blanket as well as between the pillows on your sofa. If you want to pleased your four-legged friend, give him one of your old T-shirts into his bed and he will sleep like a baby just because he smells your scent.

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A few rounds before sleeping

You might see this one already too - before the dog lies down on his bed, he often turns two- or three times around and then he gets down and is ready to sleep. Why? It is an act of self-preservation in that the dog may innately know that he needs to position himself in a certain way to ward off an attack in the wild.


Yowling belongs to the dog language. Some of our pets are pretty smart and they know that if they yowl once in a while, we will pay attention to them and maybe give them some treats. But nothing should be exaggerated, so if the dog is trying to take advantage of the situation, it is sometimes necessary to shout at him to be quiet and get the boundaries into order.

Barking on dogs in TV

Some dogs really love to watch TV and animal channels with their owners. They are excited, barking on the other dogs and animals appearing on the screen and sometimes even looking for them behind the screens. So funny, right?

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Burying the food for later

If you give your dog a really big reward or treat, which he cannot eat all at once, he will most certainly bury this food for later. Wherever. And we mean it. If he is really into it, nothing can stop him from burying the food - in the garden, behind the tree, in his bed, under his blanket, between your clothes in the closet, into your shoes etc. You must not disturb him, because if you do, then he will have to find another hideout to be sure that you will not find it next time and you really don't want that. Just take it out after he hid that and you'll be fine.

If your dog has any other ritual or habit, which we have not mentioned, let us know! We'd be happy to add it here!

Enjoy the moments with your best friend.

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