Think of your dog during a tropical heat wave

None of us likes those hot summer days when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. We are tired, we do not like to eat and we are sweating a lot. Now, try to imagine you are wearing a fur coat. Take care of your dogs and be kind to them during a tropical heat wave.

The best way how to survive a heat wave is to sit in a cool place at home or by a water. If you do not have a chance to do this or you have to work, don't forget to get your dog enough of water! If you're afraid that one bowl of water will not last until you come back home from work, you should provide to him two of them. 

Do not force your dog to eat

In such a hot weather even you do not like to eat, so do not be surprised that your doggie does not finish his feeding bowl as usual as well. Try to give him the leftovers in the evening, when he will feel more comfortable with a lower temperature and have a cravings for the food again. During the summer the dog food should have the room temperature. Try to reduce a fat in his food and avoid to serve the food directly from the refrigerator.

Do not force your dog to run during long walks, you wouldn't like fetching the ball either. Take him to a bath in a pond or river instead. If you do not have a waterfront in your neighborhood, take the dog for a short walk only. The great idea is to go for a walk early in the morning or late at night to avoid the direct sun and also - have enough of water in a plastic bag with you.

Cool down your dog

If you spend some time outside, do not forget to wet the dog time by time to cool him down a bit. We recommend to use a sunscreen for hairless dogs or dogs with thin fur coat, because even your little friend may get sunburnt. Never leave your dog in the car, not even with a window open. The car temperature may reach up to 160°F.

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Pay attention to overheating carefully! Dogs can cool down only by accelerated breathing because they don't have the sweat glands. If your little friend sits down often or raises his paws, dribbles a lot and is very nervous during the walk, he will most likely be overheated. He may even start to vomit and his heart will be beating loudly, the common sign is the incapacity to move. In that case the dog should be immediately wrapped up to wet towels, hydrated and taken to the vet.

Long haired dogs should be combed more often. Hair is an insulation layer against the cold and heat for dogs insulating only, if properly combed. If you do not have it yet, get a comb and brush for your dog and comb him on a regular basis.

Enjoy the vacation together! 

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