Walking your dog in the rain? Why not?

Sep 12, 2021


1. Shorten the duration of the walk - In general, if the rain is really strong, you can wait a bit or take your dog out just for a couple of minutes. If it's just a mild drizzle, you can stay out longer, of course. Always consider what seems right to your dog, the breed and how he or she reacts to the rain. 

2. Stay away from puddles - Not only the puddles can make your dog even more wet and dirty, but the standing water can contain bacteria or be contaminated by chemicals such as oils or fuel, so keep an eye on what your dog is getting up to on walks and don't let him drink from puddles.

3. Dress your dog properly - Wearing a dog coat is fashionable, but also very practical. It protects your pet against the cold and rain. Be sure the rain coat covers the neck, back and belly; and is adjustable enough to get a perfect fit.

4. After the walk - As soon as you get back home from your walk, you should dry the dog's coat and keep him warm. If needed you can use this situation for giving your dog a proper bath. Use mild shampoo and groom the dog afterwards as well. Nobody says no to a spa day.

5. Take care of the paws too - water, dirt, sand, salt, or even debris...this all can harm the paws during the walk. Even though the skin on the paws is kind of strong, it is better to take care of it regularly. Clean and dry the paws when you get back home and put some moisturizing balm on. Your dog will appreciate it.

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