Does your dog get Christmas gifts too?

Do you think your dog loves receiving presents? It may look like it, but it's actually the present opening that dogs love even more than the gift itself. Ripping the paper and tearing it to shreds...That's what dogs like the most. Of course, there is maybe an exception somewhere out there, but for most dogs the more noise and more paper they can shred, the better.

Be careful, once the dog finds out, he can open his gifts, he will probably try to open more of them, even those that are yours. Lol. You could probably place them on some higher shelve or table to avoid this, but it is such fun to see the excitement in the dog's eyes...


Your dog is amazingly easy going => anything edible, noisy and wrapped up sounds great already! A dog does not care if it's a limited edition toy or super exclusive collar made by some designer. No trends, series or season matters. 


- It's not a surprise that dogs love to chew on something, they love to do tricks and get rewarded, so you can't go wrong if you buy some dog snacks. But you should double check the ingredients included. Ideally it will contain a single protein, all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no sugar, soy or gluten.

- Watch your dog closely also if he got anything yummy. Dogs tend to gobble up the edible presents in one go, so the next day you could be surprised by some unexpected accidents. Give him something he can chew on for a long time and leave him be. Don't forget to have the dog's water bowl refilled too.


- Some dogs like to carry around soft toys while others are like "surgeons" and won't stop chewing it until the toy is in pieces. If your dog sees his toy as a companion, pick one that's small enough and light-weight to carry. For the "killers" choose one that's large enough to prevent accidental swallowing and sturdy enough to withstand the dog’s attacks.

- If the toy has a squeaker inside you have two choices - 1 - give it to your dog and then count with the obsessive loud play throughout the festive days and nights, because the one thing a dog wants more than anything else is stop the squeaker squeaking. or 2 - give him just a chew treat and save it for later.

- Also, before you give your dog any new toy, make sure it doesn't have any price tags on and remove any other parts the dog could chew off.


- People usually buy new stuff for themselves for special occasions such as birthday, anniversary or party. Holidays as Thanksgiving and Christmas are even more festive. So, if you can have something new, why not your dog?

You can surprise him or her with a new collar or leash, change the old dishes for a different model or upgrade the dog's bed. Plus, their presents are partly for us too, because we do like when it matches nicely to our interior.

How about apparel - costumes and sweaters? - it is too cute not to do it, so if you're up for dressing up your dog, just make sure the size is correct, your dog feels comfortable and can move freely.

If you can stand all that, then it is fun, fun, fun to give your dogs presents for Christmas and to witness such excitement and happiness. It’s just what we need when it’s cold, dark and miserable outside. 

Spending a little extra time together, making a special treat, playing a silly holiday game or simply trying to stick to your normal routine around the holidays might not seem like that big of a deal. But simple things like these can be our way of showing love to our four-legged family.


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