Love. Family. Passion.

Our Story

In 1980, Rolf Trautwein, a master saddlemaker and devoted dog owner, turned his passion for craftsmanship into reality when he founded HUNTER, setting a standard for premium dog accessories. His vision was not just about crafting products; it was about enriching the lives of both pets and their owners.

Growing up amidst the artistry of leatherworking, Nadine Trautwein, daughter of the master saddlemaker, inherited her father's love for fine materials. From a tender age of five, she found herself captivated by the intricate processes involved in crafting our distinguished line of products. Raised alongside cherished canine companions, her connection to both leather and dogs runs deep, infusing every aspect of our brand with a genuine passion. Today, Nadine continues the family’s legacy as the CEO of HUNTER INTERNATIONAL GmbH.

In 2006, Pavel Stanek, the visionary behind, opened the first Hunter brand store in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic, marking the beginning of our global journey. The year 2015 saw our expansion to North America with the launch of the first Hunter store and, bringing our signature blend of craftsmanship and elegance to a new audience.

In 2023, a pivotal moment arrived as welcomed Stan Jansta, CPA, as our new CEO, entrusted with leading our ambitious foray into the American market. “We are guided by our unwavering principles of Quality, Family, and Customer, we embark on this new chapter with a commitment to excellence. Our mission is to extend our legacy of superior craftsmanship directly to consumers and through strategic B2B partnerships, fostering enduring relationships and delivering unparalleled service at every turn”.

Welcome to HUNTER, where every product tells a story of dedication, heritage, and the timeless bond between humans and their beloved companions!