About Our Passion - Leather

Cow leather
Genuine cow leather is a high quality and non-slip smooth leather. This pleasant leather is dyed, tanned and oiled for a particularly tough and hard-wearing leather results. To provide a special level of comfort for the dog and its owner, the products also have a soft cow nappa leather lining.
The leather used in HUNTER exclusive leather range CODY originates from sustainable bison farms in North America. This provenance guarantees that the animals are bred in controlled conditions and that the raw materials are of the best possible quality. Every bison leather hide has its own unique graining pattern, like a fingerprint, meaning no two products are the same. In addition to its rustic, natural look, bison leather is also pleasantly soft to the touch.
Soft and warm - those are the most significant characteristics of this unique leather. In the assortment made of fine elk leather, you will find the suitable products for any breed or size. The valuable elk leather from Scandinavian forests belongs to the finest leathers in the world.