How to manage the quarantine with your dog?

1 comment Apr 12, 2020

Just like humans, dogs thrive off of routines and predictability. If you're feeling stressed from all the change happening around us, believe me, you're not alone.

Your pet can feel it too!

Try these tips to "survive" the together-time at home:

  1. TEACH YOUR DOG A NEW TRICK - use YouTube, Google or social media to find the one you want your dog to know. Many dog trainers are posting videos or training tips online for free. It can kill the time you have to be at home and entertain you too. Be sure you have enough treats to reward him and be patient.
  2. KEEP HIM BUSY - when the dog is bored, the only thing he has in mind is "What do I destroy to have some fun?". So, stock up and give your dog a new bone or toy to chew. Supervise him for safety.
  4. TRY TO PROVIDE HIM AS MUCH EXERCISE AS YOU CAN - The dog parks are closed. You cannot meet anyone. And the goal is to get rid of the dog's energy so you both can relax later. You can run instead of walking or at least walk faster than usually. Use toys to play tug o' war with him while you're outside. Make the brain work as well, train him on leash - heel, sit, down, up, repeat. It will get you into a better shape too!

Stay healthy and safe everyone!

1 comment

  • Nina April 7, 2020 at 5:07 pm

    Thank you for this article, I will definitely try to teach my dog some new tricks. Stay well, Nina

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