5 Rules how to train your puppy

With the right training you will achieve the goal and your dog will become a companion, who you can trust and who will be accompanying your life with joy. We are bringing the basic rules to be observed during the training.

Rule No. 1: Start immediately

If you have a chance to raise a dog from the early puppyhood, do not wait and start to get the puppy accustomed to the name, walking on a leash, local and domestic environment, where the puppy feels safe, but must observe some rules, as well as to various street noises (barking, beating, strange people) as soon as the puppy is two months old.

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Rule No. 2: Advanced commands

From the third month you can start with commands like “Don’t do that!“, “No!“, and „Sit!“. The next month add “Fetch!“, „Stay!“ and walking at a heel. Initially with a leash and from five months also without a leash. Then you can continue with searching for items and getting accustomed to grooming care.

Rule No. 3: Rewards

During the first six months of the puppy’s life you have a time to teach the puppy the basic commands, which he/she will remember throughout the entire life. Be patient and praise the dog for every fulfilled task appropriately. A great reward for the dog is also a goody. Just be careful not to overfeed the dog in this phase.


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Rule No. 4: Time to play

Do not train the little puppy all the time. Let your doggie also fool around and play, because that’s the best part from the puppyhood.

Rule No. 5:

Always remember, that a dog is live creature having the basic biological needs like thirst, hunger, cold or hot, therefore be very patient and rather reward than punish. And if the dog does something wrong, try to find a mistake in yourself first.

You are a leader for your dog, that’s why you should be the one who the dog admires and has respect to, not the one the dog is afraid of.

Love your dogs and show them your love often. Your dog will behave the same as you do... Enjoy every second of this play!

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