Funny dog behavior that may indicate a problem

Jul 18, 2021

How many times have you watched your dog excitedly looking for his favorite toy in a basket full of toys, with his head hidden inside, jumping in and out, taking them out one by one? Or, how funny the dog looks when he is making circles in his bed before he lies down? Dogs are sometimes funny clowns who make us laugh until our stomach hurts. Their often foolish, and very funny behavior, is one of the things we love about them the most. But, there are a few situations that look funny at first sight, but can actually indicate a problem.

Sometimes we would really need to know what dogs have in their minds. Biting and chasing own tail is a behavior that doesn't have to mean anything at all, and we can just laugh at it, but if it happens suspiciously often, it can also be a sign of illness. At best, the only cause is boredom and excess energy, which the dog tries to get rid off. On the other hand, it can be also clogged anal glands, obsessive-compulsive behavior disorder or anxiety. If you suspect that your furry friend is not just banishing boredom with this activity, visit your vet to find out what causing it.

This behavior may seem funny and can sometimes be harmless, but can also be a sign of medical issues, anxiety, or other problems. It’s normal for dogs to circle in their beds or around blankets before sleeping to ensure they’re comfortable (nesting), or spin in circles before going to the bathroom. Visit the vet if your dog spins frequently, particularly if it’s elderly - spinning could mean a memory, hearing, vision, or neurological issue - or if your dog spins in stressful situations, it signals anxiety.

The question has long puzzled dog owners everywhere - why do dogs eat poop? Because it seems so gross to us, we can’t possibly understand why our dog friends would want to do it. It could be a learned behavior, but also a sign that they’re lacking nutrients. Traditional kibble often doesn’t contain easily digestible ingredients and dogs may not be able to fully absorb the nutrients in their food. So, if they’re eating their poop, it can be an attempt to regain those nutrients. Consult with your vet how to improve your dog's diet.

He’s listening to you. There’s nothing cuter than that moment when you’re speaking to your dog and he tilt his head to one side as if to say, “What was that?” It turns out that your dog may be tilting his head to hear you better. Researchers found that head tilting in dogs occurs when humans make high pitched sounds such as whistling or speaking in high pitched voice. They may be trying to pull out specific commands from what you’re saying, such as "roll over" or "fetch". However, if you notice your dog tilting his head all the time for no reason, it may be an indication of a medical issue, so you should visit your vet to make sure everything’s all right.


Dragging their butts is a warning sign. A little funny, a little gross, this common puppy behavior indicates that something is wrong. Dogs scoot their butts across the floor because they have irritations in their anus area, and the ground is their way of scratching the itch. This can be caused by anal sac problems, fecal contamination, worms, rectal prolapse, or swelling. You can resolve many of these issues at home, but if there’s persistent scooting or if you aren’t sure of the cause, it’s best to call the vet.

You are a proud Mom or Dad to your pets and you know them the best. Their everyday behavior may drive you crazy sometimes, but you love them anyway. If any of their daily routine changes and there is no sign of the reason why, you should try to find out the cause yourself, or visit your vet. 

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