How to prepare your dog for fall?

Oct 10, 2021

The trees are changing colors, sun is hiding from us more often and temperature is starting to drop. If you don't live in Florida, for example, you probably pack up the swimsuits and shorts and pull out jackets and pants. It's easy for you, but how do you get your dog ready for fall? These five basic tips will ensure that your dog has a safe & happy pumpkin-spice season.

1. Hydration needed

It is not such an issue in the summer, because it's hot outside and you don't even think about refilling your dog's water bowl. You do it automatically. But, when the lower temperatures kick in it feels different, and sometimes, even we, humans, have to force ourselves to drink. As a general rule, dogs should drink at least one ounce of water per day for each pound of body weight. So, keep an eye on your dog's drinking routine and don't forget to check the outdoor water bowls too to make sure they aren’t freezing over.

2. Get shedding under the control

If you're not a proud parent of non-shedding breed such as Poodle, Yorkie or any kind of Doodles, you probably know well that shedding is a never-ending story. Sometimes, we tend to think that shedding is happening only in the spring, but some dogs shed their summer coats in preparation for their winter coat too. In that case, brush your dog daily/or as needed to get the old fur out. Thanks to the brushing the hair will be shiny and in a perfect condition. To keep your dog's skin well moisturized, you can add fish to his diet, or add a spoon of salmon oil to his meal once a day.

3. Warmth is a must

There is nothing better than snuggle into the blankets at home while you're watching the rainy, foggy and windy weather outside. Even though your dog has a nice furry coat, wood and tile floors can get very cold. Pull out some blankets and prepare a comfy warm sleeping space for your pooch too. Don't forget to wash and/or change the blankets regularly.

4. Snacks allowed

To keep themselves warm in colder weather dogs burn more energy and they need to refill it somehow. If you spend a lot of time with your dog outside, you could slightly increase his food portions during fall and winter to support his nutrition. To be sure how much you can add, discuss it with your vet. Little treat never killed nobody, so reward your dog with some healthy snacks too.

5. Ticks and fleas are not done yet

Summer isn’t the only time to worry about fleas and ticks. That season can actually last into late fall. There is a lot of products on the market to protect your dog against pest, but a lot of them use chemical ingredients. For the first time ever, we'd like to offer flea and ticks products made by Israeli brand ARAVA, which are completely natural and safe for your pet. Check them out!

So, is your dog ready for upcoming season now? Do you celebrate Halloween together? How about costumes? We will talk about it next time…

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