Top HUNTER products for traveling with pets

May 28, 2017

We all know it well - traveling or moving can be stressful even for us. And that counts double for our four-legged friends. Just Your Friend HUNTER offers everything you should have for your furry baby if you want to spend a great holiday without any issues and in a big style! Check out these must-have items you need for safe and comfortable travels with your pets.

Top HUNTER products for traveling with pets

Want to turn heads and change the travel game? Choose our best-selling bag for small dogs 'Sling Los Angeles'. Your Yorkie or Chihuahua will be sleeping contentedly, while you do everything you need on your shopping tour around the city. Los Angeles carrier bag is a must for those who like to have a new, trendy, fashionable and practical product! 

Hunter Pet Store

Don't forget - Safety first! HUNTER offers top quality car safety harnesses made out of nylon. It's individually adjustable by slides. It has detachable chest protection pad, with loop for easy fastening onto the car safety belt.

All HUNTER automobile safety harnesses restraint systems have undergone a complete range of crash safety tests at the TÜV Rheinland. This is best choice for your dog when traveling by car.

Hunter Pet Store

Traveling was never so stylish! Take a look at HUNTER innovative carry bag NIZZA, where all the details have been considered carefully. It is delightfully uncomplicated to get your pet into the carry bag: as well as openings at the front and the side it is also possible to put your pet in from the top. A removable, waterproof jacket and a soft, washable sleeping mat ensure safety and comfort. Sufficient air circulation is always guaranteed thanks to lots of ventilation holes. Space-saving storage was also taken into consideration with this product: the carry bag measures just 18.1" x 12.6" x 4" when folded. The material retains its shape, is robust and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Your four-legged friends will feel really like at home!


One of HUNTER's most timeless collection is called "Colore" with its striped bag for dogs with nautical look. It's so soft and comfortable and very safe for your furry friend as well. Choose timeless style and top quality. Great for adventurous trips in summer! 


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