What to do with your dog during Easter?

Apr 2, 2021

Easter is on the horizon, and what better way to celebrate bank holidays and the excuse to indulge in edible treats than spending quality time with your best bud? 

If you’re looking for canine-friendly activities for the long weekend, here are some egg-cellent things to do with your dog.


Activity description: Everyone loves Easter egg hunts in the yard and throughout the house, and your dog can also participate. Sunny days outside can make this a great outdoor activity, but if it's raining on the day of your hunt, you can move it into the house. While plastic eggs are not an option (to avoid any choking hazard) and not all dogs are fans of peeled, hard-boiled eggs, we opted out for the dog’s favorite treats. Hide the dog treats around the house or in your backyard for some good sniffin' fun!

Remember, no candy or chocolate in these Easter snacks, though! Healthy dog treats are always the way to go. 

STEP 1 Prepare the treats you want to hide. If it’s a treat your dog can smell well, you can just hide it wherever you like. If it’s a closed bag of treats, you can use one of your dog’s toys to hide it with the treats, as a hint. Avoid overfeeding your dog too many treats at once.

STEP 2 If you are lucky enough to have good weather, hide your dog's Easter “eggs” outside. You don't need to go to lengths to hide them. Your dog will need to sniff them out so keep them low to the ground. Avoid the garden and place eggs under chairs or near doors jambs. The middle of the lawn is also a good spot. If inside, place it visibly somewhere on the floor, at his bed etc.

STEP 3 Get your dog excited for the hunt by engaging him in happy and excited conversation about treats. Once outside/inside you might have to help your pup find the first reward or two. Once your dog understands the game, you can gently guide him, and he should be able to sniff out the treats. Be sure to reward your dog once he finds all the hidden items and then just relax together.


Most dogs get excited about the prospect of letting off steam. If you enjoy being active, or you feel a little guilty after eating chocolate eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, why not take your ever-willing training partner out for a run, a cycle or a walk? You can go to the park, you can head to the forest or run around a lake, or you could do a few circuits closer to home.

You’ll feel amazing after burning all those calories, and your dog will have a whale of a time. Plan a route that suits your dog’s fitness and activity levels, and don’t forget to hydrate on the way and pack your both favorite snacks. Foldable travel bowls and dog drinking bottle are practical helpers for this matter. 


If you’re looking forward to a chilled weekend and some much-needed time to de-stress and relax, you can organize your own DIY spa day at home and run yourself and your dog a relaxation bath. Shampoo and condition his hair and then chill out together in front of the TV with a drink and some edible delicacies (of course, human and dog ones separately).

OR, you could try the latest craze in the world of exercise and hot Instagram trend, dog yoga, or ‘Doga?’

Classes are designed for humans and dogs, enabling you to spend quality time with your fur-ever friend at the same time as unwinding, kicking back and enjoying a bit of peace and quiet. Downward dog shouldn’t be a problem, even for novice pooches and couch pawtatos. ;)


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