Why are dogs afraid of fireworks?

Jul 4, 2021

When it comes to a celebration of Fourth of July every year we hear the same from pet parents --> We are going to celebrate, but we don't want to hurt our fur baby. What should we do? How do we get them through this safely?

Well, you can find a few tips what to do below, or comment and say what helps your dog... 

As you probably already know dogs hear better than humans. A lot better. And the loud sounds, especially during fireworks are the most common trigger for fearful behavior in dogs. It can cause fearful shaking, nervous behavior, walking from side to side in the room, hiding in our arms or under furniture or howling. 

There are a lot of factors what can cause higher or lower sensitivity for noises in dogs such as genes, breed, hormones, age or socialization during the life.

How to comfort your dog during fireworks?

1. Stay indoors

We understand that you cannot go completely away from the fireworks when your family is coming over and you are all excited to celebrate together, but you can definitely take small steps to make your dog feel better. You can keep your pet indoor, in a special room where he or she feels comfortable and turn the TV or radio on. You could even consider to get a pet-sitter for that night. Anything what can provide a good distraction from the noise will help.

2. How your vet can help?

If you already know your pet gets scared during such occasions, visit your vet and ask what options you have to prevent it. From our experience the vet can offer:

  • Melatonin - it is a natural supplement that can help your dog to get calmer. Make sure you know the right amount of doses for your dog and be present when you try it for the very first time. The reaction to it can differ and therefore it's important to find out if this would be the right thing for your dog.  
  • Prescription medications - if the dog's reaction to noise is not bearable for him, ask your vet and discuss some meds. It really can be a lifesaver.
  • have you tried to use Pheromones or some CBD treats?

3. Snuggling as a therapy

Dogs love snuggling with their owners in general. Who wouldn't? Your gentle touch and cuddles can reduce the fear of your dog and provide so much needed comfort in unpleasant situations. So - snuggle away!

4. Distract your dog

Of course, it is easily said than done, but you can give it a try. Most dogs love treats and games. So, you can use this as advantage and play hide and seek, teach him a new trick, you can have fun using the sniffing blankets or enrichments toys - you can basically do anything what can possibly distract the dog from the loud noises until it's over. You can strengthen the bond between you two and have a lot of fun!

    To remember…

    Never underestimate this. Dogs are sensitive and loving creatures and we are responsible for their well-being, so we should act like it. Pamper your furry family members and take a good care of them at all times!

    Have a happy & safe Fourth of July!

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